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Sven Groeneveld Coaching Tommy Haas –THE BADGE CHRONICLES #11 Of The Series

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Sven Groeneveld shares with us how it was working with Tommy Haas, who is now the Tournament Director of the BNP Paribas Open tennis in Indian Wells. Coaches realize that sometimes it does not work out with the players. We hope the readers enjoy a look into Sven’s life on the tour.


Tommy Haas

After 2001 in Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters Nicolas Kiefer and I stopped working. It did not take long before I found myself with a new IMG tennis client and a student of “The Godfather of Coaches” Nick Bollettieri. Since I spend much time in Florida, at the academy, with Mary Pierce and have known Tommy from a young age we thought it would be a good idea to work together.

However it did not last to long but I did recognize what he needed and it was not me. I told Tommy to go back to Florida and to restart his work with Red Amy, a coach that would suite Tommy’s personality better than mine. Sometimes it does not work out with players and as a coach you need to recognize this as well. Tommy made incredible progress and a year later he was number 2 in the world ATP Tour. Tommy is now the Tournament Director at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells and had to face a very tough decision, to cancel the tournament! As it turns out the best decision he made with his team. The rest is history.

*All the information for this article was attained through explicit permission from Sven Groeneveld to be published on 10sBalls.com – no lifting or reusing is permitted.

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