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Andy Murray Comically Calls His First Coaching Foray a “Disgrace”

Andy Murray’s first foray into coaching did not end well. Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Andy Murray spent his younger, edgier years sometimes barking at his box and giving his coaches the business.

Recently, the former world No. 1 experienced a role reversal.

Murray’s first foray into coaching did not end well.

In fact, it went so wrong his student, who happens to be his young daughter, decided to press pause on her tennis career after one lesson.

Mom Judy Murray, who created Miss Hits, a fun tennis starter program for girls ages 5 to 8 shared the story of what Andy Murray calls a “disgrace” of a coaching debut.

“Dear daddy, I’m not going to play tennis for a while. Lots of love,” Murray’s daughter adorably declared adding a giant red X over the stick figure tennis player for emphasis of her walk out.

The two-time Olympic gold-medal champion comically called himself out with this social media post.

“My first venture into the coaching world has ended in disgrace,” Andy Murray posted on social media.

The good news for Team Murray is there is a qualified coach in the family.

Mom Judy Murray is the original coach for her two world No. 1 sons, as older son Jamie reached the doubles top spot and Andy was a singles world No. 1.