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Stuttgart Investigating Kyrgios Claim of Racist Fan Taunt

Photo credit: Boss Open

Stuttgart tournament officials are investigating Nick Kyrgios claim of a racist taunt from a fan.

Boss Open tournament officials issued a statement saying “the incident is currently under investigation.”

“We stand for creating an inclusive environment for all players, staff members and visitors where discrimination of any kind is not tolerated,” tournament officials said. “This attitude is lived by all people involved and responsible. These fundamental values are as important as values like fairness, tolerance and team spirit to us. Thus, no discriminating actions by the spectators are accepted.

“We have expressed our regret towards Nick Kyrgios and his team and assured that any kind of discrimination is unacceptable. The incident is currently under investigation.”


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The tournament statement comes in response to Kyrgios’ comment on Instagram.

The Aussie referenced “racist comments” he heard from a fan in Stuttgart.

“I play this game to give people a show. To feel something, different from ordinary tennis,” Kyrgios said. “But one thing I won’t ever tolerate is spectators heckling and blasting abuse to athletes. It’s been happening personally to me for a while, from racist comments to complete disrespect.

“For years it’s been something I’ve brushed off but especially in Indian wells and today all the way in Stuttgart, it’s made me realise that people seem to think it’s normal. Im seeing it happen in other sports, and to many other athletes. We are playing FOR YOU, whether you are backing the opponent or not. You may not think it’s a big deal, but it could affect someone’s life more than you think.”

“Wake up to yourselves. Not just in tennis, but in every other sport. My young athletes, coloured or not, I hope that this message is heard so you don’t ever have to feel alienated, or embarrassed to be you and to perform on the world stage.”