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Global Chick Does A Wrap Of the Australian Asterisk Open For Tennis | 10sBalls

6 Rafael Nadal of Spain during a photo opportunity with the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup in Melbourne, Australia, 31 January 2022. Nadal won a record 21st Grand Slam and his second Australian Open title after a thrilling five set victory over Daniil Medvedev of Russia. EPA-EFE/JOEL CARRETT AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT

This will be the most talked-about Grand Slam in the history of Grand Slams.

Sports in Australia is super important so much that most citizens have been locked away but our sports stars and their families were allowed to move around all over the country. 

We probably haven’t heard the last from Djoko’s camp about his ill-fated trip Down Under. The question is, who can he sue? The Government, oh yes, oh no, the State Government? The local Government? Craig Tiley and Tennis Australia? The French Open has managed to plain and simple explain to the players – No Vax – No Play. Why was it so hard for the people in charge to say that to Novak before he got to OZ especially when the whole country has been suffering so badly for the last couple of years?

At last year’s Australian Open the players were so upset they had to be locked in their rooms in quarantine. There were serious questions about the so-called bubble you had to remain in, in order to play. How can we not learn a thing or two after last year? 

Dylan Alcott, Australia’s Paralympic tennis player lost in the final of Aussie Open this week. Dylan was also crowned Australian of the Year last week. His latest campaign is to fight for more prize money in the wheelchair competition. “We get less than half the first-round losers of the able-bodied gets at all Slams.” said Alcott. 

Dylan ended up losing in the final to Sam Schroder from the Netherlands . We will see lots of Dylan in the future, he is already doing radio, tv ads for ANZ Bank, and in his spare time, he does motivational speaking. Rumours say he is about to propose to his girlfriend author and sexologist Chantelle Otten – watch this space! 

World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty became the first Aussie AO singles champion since Chris O’Neil in 1978. Photo credit: EPA

Back to prize money – 44 years ago Aussie Chris O’Neil won the women’s Oz Open and cashed a cheque for $35000. This year Ash Barty got an electronic transfer into her account for $2,875,000. Low key Ash is in the process of building a home near her hometown just outside Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. She is supporting the local dog shelter and plays a lot of golf. Hopefully, she won’t be putting too much runny Vegemite on her Chicken Parmigiana when she is cooking in her new house. 

Tennis Australia is celebrating Ash Barty’s win with 10000 hours of free court hire over the next 30 days. This offer is open to all tennis fans. 

Poor Medvedev – the crowd have been pretty brutal to him over the last two weeks. The dude may not have Roger’s flair or the muscles of Rafa, but he has a game that is hard to read. In the pressers he comes across very well, on the court he can be very agitated but the guy does not deserve to be booed. The Australian crowd should be ashamed of themselves. We used to be fair to all, liking the underdog. Is this behaviour due to the disrespectful entertainers Kyrgios and Kokkinakis? 

In Kyrgios’ mind he is all about the crowd, entertaining people and the TV ratings. Bullying is not cool, being rude and disrespectful is not cool. If the crowd was against him it would be different, he would probably spit the dummy and walk off. Hopefully, we won’t see these two clowns playing in Russia any time soon. Shame about the behaviour, there is so much talent there. And on so many levels he is right. Tennis has gotten a bit boring and “BOT” like. We need some entertainment value for our money. But sadly he tends to take things way too far … 

Congrats to Rafa – “21“   What an amazing accomplishment. And an amazing guy. Just give him the French Open trophy. Fingers crossed he stays injury free. Either way we are HAPPY if “RF” couldn’t have it. Glad it’s RAFA. (21) 

We wish the chair umpires did their jobs better  Let MO Layani Train  the chair umps. He rules the chair with common sense  … Please give Carlos a refresher course. The chair needs to repeat and repeat the call for SILENCE to the crowd  • it’s not the players job. It’s the chairs job. Look in the manual.   Shame on the crowd at the tennis. Maybe they had been in lockdown too long and took it out on Daniil. Hopefully next year they will be a bit nicer and more respectful. 
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