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Global Chick Checks In with 10sBalls From the Australian Open Tennis

Thanasi Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrgios and Australian Open 2022

Happy Australia Day from the Land Down Under! 

Things are getting a little heated at Melbourne Park. The tennis fans are not showing their good side at the moment. No excuses but,  are the citizens of Melbourne so angry after being locked up for so long? Are they going to the tennis looking for trouble? This rubbish with the clapping between first and second serve, yelling out during interviews. Several players have commented about the recent behaviour of the crowd. 

This kind of behaviour does not belong at a tennis event, not even with the Special K’s are playing. Comments like “Come down and get drunk” or along those lines. Kokkinakis tells the crowd to be rowdy. Imagine if this was the US Open and someone did this to them, yep we can see how that would turn out. 

New Zealand doubles player Michael Venus recorded a video calling Nick Kyrgios “an absolute knob.” Venus also commented on the maturity level of Kyrgios saying it is on the same level as a 10-year-old. Michael Venus and his partner German Tim Putz lost to the KK Team in three sets in the quarter-finals on Tuesday. Nick mocked Venus’s  ball toss. It is not cool to be mean, it is not cool to be an absolute knob and think you are there to entertain people. Tennis can be boring at times but this circus does not belong at Melbourne Park. The only good thing about it – we no longer have to hear about the Nole saga. 

Italy’s Matteo Berrettini is through to the semi-final where he will play Rafa. Berrettini is the first and only player sponsored by Hugo Boss. The clothes are super nice. Hugo Boss is known for its high end elegant suits. 

Uber Eats has been running several ads during the tennis starring Todd Woodbridge, Ash Barty and Nick Kyrgios. Pretty funny concept and it does contain fan involvement in the form of a QR code. 

Lleyton Hewitt appears in a commercial with his son Cruz Hewitt promoting sunscreen. Hewitt Senior is seen having a hit with Cruz and losing every point. Hewitt Junior offers dad some sunscreen and asks if it is too hot for dad. Very cute ad!

Dylan Alcott keeps celebrating his Australian of the Year nomination. Copping some bad press after talking about drinking alcohol after winning the US Open at this formal event………….and taking photos of himself on a private jet going to Canberra picking up his award. Alcott does good work for the community most of the time being a Paralympian and disability advocate. He will retire from tennis shortly but first, he will play in the Australian Open final on Thursday. 

So happy to see Andy Murray back on the tennis court.