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Global Chick Checking In From the Australian Open Tennis – 25 January 2022

Dylan Alcott of Australia reacts while in action against Andy Lapthorne of the United Kingdom during their mens quad wheelchair singles semifinal match at the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, 25 January 2022. EPA-EFE/DEAN LEWINS
The tennis world is upside down and inside out

What happens when you put on a Grand Slam in a country like Australia? We have a State Government and one Federal Government. Same country different rules. Tennis player enters the country, fills in the landing card wrong, lies about his previous travel, no vaccination record, goes to court………..now he can stay………….now he has to leave………….

Australia as a country has been struggling for the last 24 months. People have been in home isolation missing out on seeing their family, celebrating birthdays, not being able to attend funerals or saying goodbye to their closest. Novak Djokovic turns up to play a tennis tournament and all hell breaks loose. 

We will never find out the whole truth but if Novak was told to come to Australia under false pretenses then he has the right to sue the…………ummmm. 

Dylan Alcott has just been named Australian of the year. Big congrats to Dylan. Viktoria Azarenka gave a speech about Dylan on Centre Court praising him for his great work – only one thing she got wrong. She called him Dylan Scott! 

No names but one of the female TV presenters made comments about Stefanos Tsitsipas good looks. Now, imagine if that was a male commentating on a female player’s appearance. 
Nick Kyrgios (R) and Thanasi Kokkinakis (L) of Australia celebrate after winning their doubles quarterfinal match against Michael Venus of New Zealand and Tim Puetz of Germany at the Australian Open. EPA-EFE/DAVE HUNT

We have covered Djoker Nole to death now so it’s time to bring up the doubles dudes, the Special KK’s, the Clowns. These guys have managed to take the attention off the Djokovic vaccine debacle by playing doubles together and they are doing well. Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis are in the semifinal of the Australian Open Men’s doubles. 

It is not without controversy “the boys” have made it through the draw. We had a locker room scuffle between Nick and a team member from the opposition. Kyrgios made the following classy comment, “Enjoy your flight home.” 

The crowd getting behind the Aussies and clapping double faults and behaving pretty average in general. Kyrgios is so pumped about this circus that he wants to win the title. No doubt he is a good player but the behaviour and the attitude doesn’t really belong in tennis. Maybe he should have his own tour. A tour consisting of people who like to entertain and behave like idiots. Players who don’t want to put in the hard work and only care about the crowd enjoyment.

Nick has clearly told us that he is not interested in getting the results, in his head he came up with the idea of being an entertainer. This way it is much easier to play and the pressure is off him. Call me old fashion but tennis and this sort of behaviour don’t go hand in hand in hand. Kokkinakis is a great player but it seems like he is enjoying this circus as well. “It wouldn’t be a doubles match with us if there wasn’t controversy – everyone seems to have a problem,” Kyrgios said.

Watching Monfils and Berretini – beautiful athleticism and 100% effort.