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Ring Recovered! Murray Gets Wedding Ring Back After Social Media Plea

Andy Murray’s missing wedding ring has been returned–along with his stinky Under Armour shoes. (Photo credit: Andy Murray Instagram).

Stinky sneakers have seldom smelled so sweet.

Andy Murray has been reunited with his missing wedding ring after issuing an Instagram plea to his 1.7 million followers detailing a bizarre and funny misadventure he detailed in Indian Wells.

Murray’s sweaty feet—combined with the desert heat—turned his match shoes into stink bombs.

Normally, Murray says he’d leave his smelly shoes on the balcony of his hotel room but this week his room doesn’t have a balcony.

Andy’s solution: leave the smelly shoes beneath his car in the parking lot to air out overnight—unfortunately the former No. 1 forget he left his wedding ring tied to his shoelaces as he doesn’t play or practice wearing the ring.

“I basically tie my wedding ring to my wedding ring to my tennis shoes when I’m playing because I can’t play with it on my hand,” Murray said in his initial Instagram post.

“So yeah, my ring has been stolen as well.”

Now, both shoes and wedding band are back with the two-time Olympic gold-medal champion and life is good.

“They still smell horrific but I’m back in the good books,” Murray said.