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Nur-Sultan ATP Challenger 125 • Day 4 • “Match Day”

By Sven Groeneveld

The first matchday of any tournament is always a climb up a steep slope or stairs! You need to find your way, you need to create your path and adapt to match the court and surroundings. One week you play with Hawk-Eye Live, the next week you play with a full team of line referees. So it’s all about your ability to take one step at a time and get to the top!

You are like an animal that has to adapt to the environment and Taro just like a Jaguar put his opponent in a cage and Taro leaped to victory!

Transport is always on time but players always want to be first in line! at the entrance to the National Tennis Center of Kazakhstan!

Nice personnel transport!

Nothing better than to go for a nice after-dinner walk along the “Ishim river.”

Along the river banks, the people enjoy their activities and the slide down! Tomorrow will be round number 2 for Taro here in Nur-Sultan.

Sven Groeneveld