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Doubles, Interview and Center Court – Coach Sven’s Day 7 at the Singapore ATP 250

Another day to get better. Although the doubles was lost we gained more knowledge on how to get better! Taro played his last doubles match 1 year ago in Indian Wells! However, I think playing doubles lends itself to great work on service, volley and returns! A natural learning curve takes place in a competitive setting!

Below is my badge and the electronic device which is linked to a track and trace app on my phone which will allow us to be safe and guarded in case we are in contact or close contact with potential positive cases.

This picture below is from our hallway where we get our food delivered and on a chair so we don’t have to bend over but also because of hygiene! The details of care is so special! We also have a coffee machine on our floor and are even provided with free Ice-cream on the testing and dining floor!

A little sneak peek at the Ferris wheel 🎡, not sure if it is running?

Today I had a live zoom interview/Q and A with the Singapore coaches (24 members), it was a great experience and had some really good questions! Hope to do this more often at tournaments around the world!

Picture courtesy of @CoachTroyEngle

Tomorrow’s schedule and Taro is 3rd on center court, playing a great champion. Look forward to preparing and watch this match!

As I mentioned before we have such great people around us that are helping us navigate our daily activities and make all of the reservations! They really are making it all so easy and now we even get a thank you gift from our liaison! Maria Venus @TeamNila #TeamNila a group of volunteers Singapore can be proud of!

Sven Groeneveld