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Tennis Architect Sven Groeneveld’s Diary • Day 2 Jan-7-2021

By Sven Groeneveld

Yesterday the 6th we had our first hit!
The site is looking sharp and well prepared (15 courts on site).

Stringers – (even though Yonex the official sponsor to AO their machines were not allowed into the country so Technifibre are providing their local machines).

Balls – Leading up to the 10th all players will get 3 cans of balls (due to import there is a limited amount of balls available). We might get some other balls because anybody knows 3 cans for one day is already a limit for two sessions of an hour!

Practice courts – Only 55 min guaranteed per day and maybe if available one more session of 55 min!

Gym – On-site, small but good for warm-up and cool down.

Transport – From hotel to site by bus (20 min). Only 16 allowed on bus that normally seats 50).

The 7th started with a letter from the hotel and the protocols for the week!

Standing out:

-Qatar Tennis Federation are covering all meals!

-We must remain in room if not dining

-Only one service elevator (this will already a challenge)

-Respect Qatar traditions no public display of affection

-Mindful dress code