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“Sven Tennis” Shares DOHA ATP Experience – Day 3

By Sven Groeneveld

Good news for those that have had a practice session on the 6th, they will get another can of balls of 3 instead of the allocated 3 cans per player for the 3 days of preparation leading into the qualifying of the Australian Open (this was later retracted). 

The 55 min practice rule may have been imposed for the lead-up to AO in order to clean the court (I will check on this later today).

The elevator challenge will be the biggest obstacle during our stay in Doha!

Exterior building cleaning of the hotel! Maybe a faster way to go up and down in Doha.

Illya Marchenko – Best updates during the AO qualifying in Doha plus he has a great YouTube channel on ATP tour worth a mention and to promote he is funny.

Daily Temperature check has now taken a new approach before entering the site!

2nd session of 55 min was no problem but maybe tomorrow will be a bigger challenge as all players have now arrived or out of quarantine.

Plenty of space in the player’s area.

Outside lounge.

Fitness warmup.

Dining area.

The infamous Elevator (one for service and on the left for service and the AO players).