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Tennis • 10sBalls Shares A Postcard From An Australian In Quarantine Last Month

Yes, United changed my flight from 11 pm to 11 am without telling me so I had to buy a pricey flight from LA early yesterday morning to catch a flight to Sydney from San Francisco. 

I Got the last seat on that flight ! 😮

Yes, I was Lucky . 

The number for passengers for the flight was 26 and so 15 missed out at check-in. 

The plane was empty ! 

The airports were empty … 

I landed at 7.15 pm and it took probably 3 hours at the airport to wait and wait for the exit process … 

No trolleys, I had four bags to load onto myself ! 

Then I waited outside the hotel for an hour as 2 people were taken off the bus at a time by Police and military .

I got to my room around Midnight! 

I am happy I am in the Marriott hotel in the city! It’s fine and I have a cute view of the Harbour bridge …