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Holiday Gift For Tennis Lovers

It is always hard to find a great gift for tennis lovers. The group here at 10sBalls.com really likes the Slinger Bag! It is easy to use and pretty convenient. We really do think the motto holds true – “The Most Portable Tennis Ball Launcher, Ever.”

Slinger Bag, the first true portable tennis ball launcher, can easily be set up in a backyard, a driveway or any open space.  No need for a teammate or a court! 10sBalls.com has really been looking forward to receive the Slinger Bag – we were one of the first backing them during the crowd funding.

· Lightweight: At 33 lbs., Slinger Bag has the stamina to hit the courts with less than a minute notice anytime day or night. 

· Lasts for Five Hours: For five full hours, the multi-faceted partner can easily adjust launch speed and frequency on the fly, serving more than 140 balls per session.

· Easily Transportable: Slinger Bag easily fits into a car trunk. 

· Value: New to the U.S., Slinger is targeted to be 50% of the price of competitors and is an affordable option for players of all ages and abilities. 

· Working with Bryan Brothers: Slinger is working with the Bryan Brothers, as well as well-respected professional coach, Nick Bollettieri. 

· Accessory Organization: Holds personal accessories e.g. wallets, keys, towel and water bottle, plus charges your cell phones. 

Check it out and let us know what you think of Slinger Bag. Please let us know via our social media outlets

You can get a Slinger Bag Here

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