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A Professional Tennis Players Life In Mandatory Quarantine • Day 9

As I write to you recapping day 9, I have come to realize the toughest part of the day is from 2pm-6pm. With my late sleep ins until 10am, followed by breakfast and the inability to actually get up and get dressed the first part of the morning flies by. I then choose to do my workout around lunch time as it makes me feel good about the rest of my day like I’ve accomplished something. Then around 1:30pm I’m hungry and ready to have lunch.

It’s when lunch is over, the workout is complete, I’m all showered and lying in bed that I realize ‘well damn what do I do now’. In that time frame today, I decided to watch the movie ‘Just Mercy’. It was actually one of the best movies I have seen in a while and do recommend you watch if you haven’t. Maybe a good idea to have the tissues handy.

I then made Dasha a bracelet to add to her collection and facetimed a few friends. I also spoke on the ABC Illawarra radio about what it’s like being in quarantine. Oh, and last but not least after procrastinating all day I changed my bed sheets. Doing any type of chore like activity is not high on my priority list ever haha.

For dinner tonight I had chicken Thai green curry and Dasha had Goats cheese, pumpkin risotto. We finished the night off with a bubble tea order and watching David Attenborough’s Movie: A life on our planet.

Editors Note • Because the players are in a 14 day mandatory quarantine they must do their own laundry in the hotels sink or bath tub if they have one. They also change their own bedding. They get most of their meals served in paper or plastic goods. But dinners are on real plates so they wash their dishes as well. Hopefully their floor was cleaned prior to arriving as they do most of their workouts there. (LJ)