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Meet The Ichiban Brothers!

Meet our friends Yunosuke (7) and Kojirou (5), the Ichiban Brothers.

The brothers have been garnering a following both in their home country of Japan and internationally through their YouTube Channel and on their Instagram page. They have recently appeared on Japanese televison multiple times and even received a shoutout from coach Aleksandar “Sascha” Bajin from the 2020 US Open!

We love watching their videos, not just because they are amazing tennis players for their age, but also because you can tell their is just pure joy in what they do. Great job boys and hope to see you on the tour soon, keep having a lot of fun a long the way!

You can follow them here:

Officical Twitter(公式ツィッター): https://twitter.com/jiro_nosuke

Officical Instagram(公式インスタグラム): https://www.instagram.com/kosuke.o4o5/

and Subscribe to their YouTube Channel:

Here are some of our Ichiban Bros. favorites…