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TennisBalls.com Shares A Gallery of Ilie Nastase Thanks to Charlotte Nastase

(Photo Above: Tennis legends Iranian Mansour Bahrami, German Michael Stich, Swede Bjorn Borg, and Romanian Illie Nastase pose for pictures in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Monday, 7 November 2005. )

The team here at 10sBalls.com hope you all enjoy a few photos of, “The Great Nastase”!

Every once in awhile when we get new followers. We randomly choose one and ask them if they would like a gallery of a specific or particular player. It so happened to be, by pure randomness, that this new follower is Nastase’s daughter – Charlotte Nastase.

(Photo Above: Former tennis player Ilie Nastase (L) of Romania plays a ball next to Alex Corretja of Spain during an exhibition match at the Suisse Open tennis tournament in Gstaad, Switzerland, 26 July 2015. The tournament takes place from 27 July through 02 August 2015.)

Once the team at 10sBalls.com found out who she was, we realized that Charlotte’s story is pretty inspiring! Follow her on her Instagram @charlottesfit so you can get to know more about her achievements!


(Photo Above: Ilie Nastase)

Best we can remember this was early 1970’s. It was the first time Lovey Jergens had seen anyone execute a shot like that and make it!