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Photo by Behind The Racquet

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“In 2010, I was on crutches for 6 weeks due to an ankle injury. It was difficult to leave my apartment and I had to learn to walk again. We take a lot for granted. Many people said I would not return to the circuit but I never thought about giving up. In 2011, I was ranked outside the Top 200 and four months later, I was ranked inside the Top 30. I won the Aegon Classic in Birmingham and reached the semifinals of Wimbledon. Two years later, I played in the Wimbledon final.

The last few years have been difficult. In 2018, I was starting to play well again and reached the finals of the Taipei OEC Open. The next year, I started feeling weak and did not know why. It took more than six months for doctors to figure out that I had mononucleosis. I had no energy to go to the grocery store. When I got cleared, I had to start from scratch. After fifteen minutes of exercising, I was exhausted. Over time, I slowly regained physical strength and was about to return to the tour when the pandemic hit.

My parents never gave up on me and I’m incredibly thankful for their support and sacrifices. I’m very grateful that I got the opportunity to become a professional tennis player. Tennis is my life. When I was injured or sick I didn’t watch much live tennis because it was painful. Instead, I analyzed past matches because I love the tactical  aspects of the game. My father has a PhD in sport science and I grew up analyzing the sport. I understand the game in a different way. I hope to be involved in tennis after my time on tour but for now, my goal is to improve as a tennis player and as a person. When the pandemic hit, I thought about how I could give back to the community. I started a YouTube channel to motivate people to stay active. I hope they can enjoy my workout videos during this difficult time.

Nothing in life is given to you, it’s earned. Whether you are on the court as a professional athlete or in a business office, you have to work hard for your accomplishments. My love for the game has allowed me to stay positive. Playing in front of a full stadium is the most incredible feeling in the world.”

Sabine Lisicki – Photo by Behind The Racquet

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