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Noah Rubin’s “Behind The Racquet” • With • Tommy Robredo | Tennis 10sBalls

Editor’s note: 10sBalls thanks Noah Rubin for giving us permission to repost these great stories. We wish him and this endeavor the best of luck. Great seeing Noah wearing K-Swiss and playing Solinco Strings.


“My parents divorce was one of the toughest moments for me. I remember coming back from Australia in 2004 everything was over. My mom had to leave the house, which wasn’t easy to deal with. I was 21 years old and found myself in the middle of this all. I left home when I was 14 to move from a small town to Barcelona for better practice. For being away from them and leaving them, I felt really guilty. I had times where I would lie down thinking that if I was home, this wouldn’t happen. I remember that these were my feelings in the beginning, and I would cry because both my mother and father were not okay and I thought it was because of me. I tried to take care of them both in different ways. In the end I realized it was better for both of them now. It makes me smile knowing that my parents are okay now. When moments like this take place it is impossible to be 100% focused on tennis. I always say life is like a tree. As you grow and add ‘things’ to your life, the tree gets larger and larger but it also something that takes more of your time to care for. They can all be great things but they also require more thought. When I was 20 I just played tennis, didn’t think about anything else. I now wake up and worry about my family, friends, house, car, my business and of course my tennis. It adds up to a lot.

I will always remember playing in Paris, in Roland Garros, against Gael Monfils. It was a year and half after my leg injury. I didn’t know if I would ever play again, if my body had the ability to play at the top level again. I came back from two sets down for the third time in a row that tournament. This one was special. When I won the final point, all 10,000 people were standing and my skin was shaking. To feel all those people clapping, cheering and enjoying the effort I put in. These are the moments I play for, the one I will remember forever. There is no need for me to retire. Why do I have to listen to people? I don’t play for other people, I play for myself, I love this sport. The day I find more passion in something else is the day I stop.”

Tommy Robredo (tommyrobredo)

Editors note: We applaud Noah Rubin and all of his colleagues. The way they open up and expose their situations with the reader of BEHIND THE RACKET is truly amazing. NoahRubin33 is always ready to give you a tennis tip by sending him your video. Please listen to his great podcasts and go check out his coaching on his sites.

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