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Vic Braden’s In Tennis Heaven Five Years

Photo by / from 10SBalls collection

Here’s a Photo Of Vic that Lovey Took at the BNP Paribas in Indian Wells.  They were Vic’s favorite weeks of the year. So close to his home. Here he is in the back in the media interview room. He has his video camera set up on the platform. He didn’t want to miss a moment of any remarks or body language  by the pros. When he wasn’t in press room he was found at table 1/2 in the players/ media dining area. He always sat with Bob Larson, Cort, Lovey Jergens, Pancho Segura, Lorne, his wife and other tennis nerds. We miss him. But all his knowledge lives in Andy Fitzell. He chose Andy to keep the theories and messages strong. Andy is spending a fair number of weeks a year on the ATP tour and is now sponsored by SOLINCO Strings and the various travel bags they make. Look for our round green 10sBalls patch on his stuff.

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