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Tennis Loses A Great Friend • Dennis Van Der Meer Passes Away By Sven Groeneveld


Sven Groeneveld via Facebook:

My sincere condolences to Pat and the entire PTR family. The Day I met Dennis and Pat they both embraced me as an equal. They made you feel special as they always embraced all tennis lovers. Dennis a tennis pioneer, an educator and an inspiration to all tennis lovers. Dennis saw that tennis was a global sport and from the beginning he made the world of PTR a global tennis family. We are all in debt to his dedication to our sport and will for be thankful for his commitment to continuous education. Dennis will be missed but his legacy will continue to grow through dedicated and loyal PTR coaches. #tennis #family #coaching #thankful


Editor’s Note: We spent time with Dennis while working with Lennart Bergelin on his MacGregor Bergelin Longstrong racket. Being the United States Tech rep wasn’t easy. Great racket. Truly amazing. But the pro shops hated it because you could string it yourself. And they were heavy and the graphite was thin and the rollers broke fairly often. Dennis was at our demo day. His racket broke. He quietly put the racket from under his shirt. Came quietly to us and switched to a new frame and no one ever knew that his racket had broken. True class. RIP (LJ)

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