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The Last Day Of The Fever-Tree Tennis From Queen’s

By Francisco Resendiz


Feliciano Lopez vs Gilles Simon


The crowd had been buzzing all the way from the tube station. The British fans were preparing their best Spanish accent to cheer on Feliciano. They really had him as the favorite. It was a near complete packed house. As soon as the match began Feliciano did not disappoint the crowd, he started serving well and controlling the first set moving through Simon quickly.


The second set Simon started playing better and started frustrating Lopez. Half of the time Lopez would look towards his box and yell in Spanish, “I’m trying but the guy just keeps returning everything.”

Spain's Feliciano Lopez in action against Gilles Simon of France during their Men's singles final match at the Fever Tree Championship at Queen's Club in London, Britain, 23 June 2019.  EPA-EFE/WILL OLIVER

After splitting sets, the third set was basically neck to neck. Each winning on their serves. Feliciano knew on the tie-breaker that he was going to win( or at least he seemed to show relief). He took the first point.


Simon knew that he had to win the first point win the tiebreak, “I have to fight on every point again. This first point of the tiebreak, that is not helping”.


Feliciano finishes the match victorious. 6-2, 6-7(4) ,7-6 (2)


As a side note: If you ever play an intense friendly tennis match and afterward you start to feel your body ache in the cool down process. Yes, even the professionals feel the same way. According to Gilles after the final match in the interview a member of the media asked him if he was planning on attending Eastbourne next;

“Depends, of course, of pain. Right now I have pain in every single part of my body.”

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