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Lovey’s Lob January 2019


2018… Glad you are over! What a mixed year for tennis and the world in so many ways.


Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year. Our biggest wish is for WORLD PEACE, understanding, common ground, decency and compassion. Ok. Onto 10s.


It’s with great pleasure that 10sBalls starts it’s 10th year. We’ve since acquired • Tennis10sBalls and the real GEM • TennisBalls_com. that’s 3 websites, wow. And ten years flew by.


We’ve been blessed with a great steady path upwards. We have a great team. We really do. We worked hard. We barely played. We focused. We crunched. We “patched” up players. (we wish patches didn’t have such tiny size restrictions) seriously. Players are walking billboards. Let’s let them advertise their sponsors. Pickleball is more popular in many places in America.


Ok. We drank lots of pitchers of Pimm’s at the beautiful Queens Club. We did. Daily. Smartphone photos don’t lie…


We drank a lot of caffeinated beverages and we crunched “Gene Scott style.” Even Dear Julie might give us the GLADYS  Heldman award for working round the clock. Tennis is played somewhere 24 hours a day. The ATP|WTA tours are almost 24/7/365 too. And so are websites,  they never sleep except when they crash.


We are pleased to announce the return of the witty and brilliant writing of Alix Ramsay. It took some arm twisting. But she is Back. We are blessed. She was the glue that held this site together with Eleanor Preston in 2011.


We have cornered Ricky Dimon into working all year.  Let’s see if he can beat me, FRANKIE, Pancho in his picks. We are way ahead, especially me.


And we have sponsored another tourney. It was new event that UTR was the title sponsor. The CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIPS. Every year we try to add  new events. This year it was Jeff Tarango’s event at the Jack Kramer club. Bravo Jeff and your great team.


We love UTR. Tennis finally has an intelligent ranking system. Yay. 100 plus years. Progress. But really UTR people  are amazing. Jeff was great. He wins our best new tourney director for 2018. Yup. Beat out some heavy competition.


A special thank you to Francisco, Alejandro, Daisy, Sven and Dusan, Julie and Cesar and Ron and Teddy and I saved the best for last, Phebes.


Let’s all remember one thing. When the ball is on the line. It’s in.

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