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The Perfect Gift For Any Tennis Player & Fan

Editors Note: This is a GREAT BOOK! 10sBalls staffers all kept swiping it off the Boss’ desk. It’s now on the coffee table in the reception area. It’s a beauty of a book. A real effort of love and passion. The layout and colors and charts and graphs appeal to ALL.



Infographic guide features grand slams, players, fans, tennis trivia and more


By Mark Hodgkinson


Who moves fastest around the court? Which tournament awards their champion a silver pear? Are lefties more successful than right-handed players? Which player admits to smashing 70 rackets a year during his career? All these questions, and so many more, are answered in entertaining infographics in the new book YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! by tennis author and journalist Mark Hodgkinson.


From detailed portraits of the icons of the sport to astonishing statistics and the champions’ most remarkable records, this colorful and informative hardcover book includes everything you need to know about the tennis world. From infographics breaking down the rules of the game to the greatest matches, this remarkable book is a great gift for both newbies and veteran tennis fans and players.


Whether it is Serena Williams’ record-breaking wins, the tallest and shortest players on the tour, or who hit the fastest serve in tennis history (Sam Groth, 163.7mph) You Cannot Be Serious! has it covered. The eccentric side of the sport is here too, including players’ peculiar training methods, Andy Murray’s and Maria Sharapova’s pet dogs, famous tennis romances, and the most outlandish fashion to have graced the courts.


Charting the greatest and most iconic moments in tennis, from 17-year-old Boris Becker’s unexpected Wimbledon victory to Roger Federer’s 20th Grand Slam singles title, You Cannot be Serious! is the perfect companion for devoted amateur players and armchair fans alike.


Mark Hodgkinson is a tennis author and journalist based in London. His previous books include Game, Set and Match: Secret Weapons of the World’s Top Tennis Players, Andy Murray: Wimbledon Champion, Ivan Lendl: The Man Who Made Murray and Fedegraphica: A Graphic Biography of the Genius of Roger Federer.He has written for ESPN, British GQ, the ATP World Tour, and the Daily Telegraph.


You Cannot Be Serious! The Graphic Guide to Tennis

By Mark Hodgkinson

Published June 14, 2018

Hardcover, 192 pages

$26.99 US, $34.99 CAN

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