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Tennis King Roger Federer Has An Adventure with Bear Grylls • Watch Tonite

Photo by ATP World Tour en Espanol via Facebook



Editors note: Check your local listings in your part of the globe. In America, it looks like 7 pm on NBC on all time zones.

We heard about this awhile back, maybe even a year ago. How exciting for Roger. Dangerous? We will see… Watch tonite. If he hurt his knee “drawing” a bath. Ok. Seriously, Roger is one of the most disciplined men on Earth. He cares for his body like a ROLEX. A MERCEDES. A fine tuned machine at his age. He eats right, trains right, sleeps heaps, and manages his time right. Hikes with his four kids in his SWISS alps, but won’t take a risk skiing.

We applaud RF on all levels. A truly humble and philanthropic athlete and man of the WORLD.  (LJ)



All photos below by Roger Federer via Facebook







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