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What Will It Take For Roger Federer To Win Wimbledon 2018?

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We are Here. Well some of us. We are arriving in stages. But, enough of us are Here to say WE! This is one of 10sBalls’ favorite weeks of the whole year.


Basically, you are seeing the last of the plants being planted. And paint being retouched. And the courts being measured for moisture and bounce and length of grass. Sorry, but it does looks sparse to us again around all the outer courts’ baselines.


Ok. Back to the subject:

Can Roger Federer win again on the lawns courts of the AELTC? Well… the draw plays into this. As does the Nike deal, which must be a bit of a headache chess game that has terrible timing.



Ok. Minor factors:

Biggest factor is: SLEEP (It’s true). Roger needs SLEEP. He needs really good deep healing sleep. He has always liked a 12 hour recovery sleep. Almost all year has struggled to get 12,11,10 ,9,8.


He is older, and he really needs it now more than ever. He looked tired and drawn the last few weeks especially. But all year to some degree.


We applaud the Laver Cup, but agent Tony you should have had RF in and out of Chicago in 12 hours tops. Maybe 8 ️maybe 6. Have the photo ops and interviews all crunched in and bye and fly into Miami. Just saying you’d done San Jose with Bill Gates. Indian wells BNP and the Miami Open was next. So many draining sponsor events and interviews so little “down”, “chill” time… Just saying. It just seems like the talented racehorse is being treated like a quarter horse. Or grinding workhorse. Right Irene?


We still don’t like 32 seeds. Let’s go back to 16. Roger will be number 1 or 2 seed. It’s all up to the AELTC committee.


Oh we love grass! We love Wimbledon! We love the G.O.A.T. Roger Federer… and we love 12 hours of sleep.

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