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Lovey Jergen’s Journal
April 9, 2018 
•Dedicated To The King Of The Lob! 
• Good Friday •Passover • Easter • April Fools • BNP Paribas •Miami • All A Blur ….


The month is a BLUR! Now this weekend. It sounds so ridiculous but true. What a month. “March Madness” and no not Basketball – Tennis. Tennis. Tennis. Tennis. I love tennis but I’m on overload. Oh, I forgot Davis Cup!


Some of those Davis Cup matches were unreal. The Best coverage came from the World’s Best Tennis Coach / Tennis Architect, Sven Groeneveld. His stories were so interesting. Here he had followed tennis almost 40 years and yet hadn’t had the full on experience from start to finish of Davis Cup. He is Dutch but was a guest of the Spanish team … (Seemed to have bothered  some of his GERMAN friends…)


Funny thing is same thing was true for me. After years of seeing it televised came a chance to see it live. My experience was not so much fun…  Las Vegas should have been  a great host … ( mid 90′s )  but it wasn’t…


Davis Cup is played over a hundred years on all continents. It promotes tennis globally. Dwight Davis was a Harvard man with great vision.


The “Bozos” (clowns) messing with the calendars and the formats are a joke ! There I said it. Are you happy Karen in New York City  ….?
I said it! Bob Kelleher would say “shoe clerks”. I used to say “Suits”. Now I call them “Clowns.” They have no idea how and who to promote tennis. (gotta know your demographics) all tennis tickets are priced tooooo high ! • when you hear that from “1 Percenters”, you really know it’s true …..


Tennis in America is losing out to this something called “Pickle  Ball” …  Well done tennis clowns… Well done…


I used to call you “Undertakers”. I’m not sure who is worse ……


• A person of knowledge that kills tennis is an undertaker.
•A person who doesn’t  know tennis or international business is a clown.
•• There I broke them into categories.


( Nepotism and cronyism are  killing the sport ) and add a large dose of GREED too…
~ To the guy with the world’s best lob. (and sense of humor and hugs) I say thank you  For a million things • but most of all for taking a chance on me. ~
Davis cup easy fix. Only the players should decide how many sets to play. The rest is simple to work around a dumb ATP/WTA calendar.

It’s the challenge round. You win the Davis Cup . You are now in the finals for following year. You get to bask in the glory of being the winner of the cup. The rest of the world plays off to play you in the finals. Simple.

• Happy Birthday Big Boss •

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