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Craig Cignarelli Shares 10sBalls A Postcard From The 2018 Australian Open Tennis

Lauren Davis and Simona Halep have the kind of hearts Andrea Bocelli sings about.


When the Rod Laver Arena crowd goes off, it sounds like a Bose Speaker.


Vegemite should be renamed Vegemight and defined as Vegemight be a combination of chocolate and feet.


The Yarra River, which runs through Melbourne, is brown and un-swimmable. However, after an intense cricket match, several Aussies will challenge both of those assumptions.


TTO the Australian open experience, tournament Director Craig Tiley has added an eighty-meter long bouncy house, music concerts, children’s playgrounds, Hollywood studio characters and enough hot dogs to make LA Dodger fans consider making the flight.


Melbourne’s Hosier Lane hosts late-night artists who change the street art on it’s walls every night. Last night Jo-Willie Tsonga’s face appeared with the Oz trophy as his nose. As of this morning, the same drawing was blowing bubbles from its nose as it drowned beneath the Yarra.


After a rabid chant of Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi, at least one Jewish woman from Brooklyn looked very confused.


In the last week, it has rained, been 21 degrees and cloudy, been 38 degrees and scorching, blown a dusty wind and finally settled into a perfect evening. This is normal for Melbourne.


Once thought ridiculous by most tennis fans, Nick Kyrgios is maturing into a player to love. Think Keanu Reaves and you’ll get the idea.


Editors Note: VegA•maybe… Personally I love the stuff when prepared properly is the key. (thank you Catherine Barclay and Louise Pleming) With butter on toast slight light coating of Vegemite.


This website has always believed in Nick. Our archives are full of positive stories about the confused kid. The stormy genius. (Andy Murray was a believer, that was good enough for me)


Funny, Craig doesn’t mention the flies. ️Maybe the wind kept them away?


Bottom line Craig Tiley • “Bouncy House?” • Please give all your LIVING LEGENDS more access. Imagine a player lounge or restaurant with Ken Rosewall and Tony Roche and all the Gods with Roger and Rafa. Come on. Talking tennis, taking pictures. It’s so basic. They paved the way!

It’s just a glimpse at one table. Every table should be filled with the men and women that made today’s game into today’s game.

Have a heart mate.


••Ken Rosewall passing a note. It’s too pathetically sad. The man is right there. Change his pass…… For all of them. Fraser. Stolle. You know the list.

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