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2022 Australian Open Ball Kids Get Great Bolle “Sunnies”

Australian Open ball kids will celebrate sunny days with super cool shades.

Bollé’s tennis-specific sunglasses featuring the Phantom Court lens will be on full display next week at the 2022 Australian Open by all the tournament’s ball kids who will be sporting Bollé sunglasses.

Ball kids play an essential part of the game, and like tennis players, having superior sunglasses for their visual skills can give them a real advantage and protect their eyes from long hours in the sun. With nearly 400 ball kids at the ready and outfitted in the Bollé Bolt performance sunglasses, and its smaller sister model Bolt S, both of which feature Bollé’s proprietary Phantom Court tennis lens.

Bollé has a long history in tennis and its advanced photochromic lens technology, Phantom Court, provides a dedicated tennis lens that is specifically engineered to highlight the ball as well as the tennis court lines. 

The impressive performance of this unique NXT® lens offers not only phenomenal optical clarity but also impact resistance and glare-reducing polarization while automatically adapting to the ever-changing light conditions.