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Mineralgia Pain Relief Cream is Great! Yes, The Team @10sBalls All Tried it

This natural pain relief cream, developed by prominent Southern California chiropractor Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg, couldn’t be timelier for those of us who have been experiencing joint pain, “tech neck” and work-from-home-induced aches and pains. (It’s also a great alternative to popping a pill.)

Rozenberg is a strong advocate for drug-free, non-surgical, non-invasive natural pain relief. She wanted a high quality formula to use on her patients during treatments as well as a daily solution they could use at home. But she disliked the harsh ingredients and lingering medicinal smell of the topical creams typically used by chiropractors. So the Israel native drew on her memories of family vacations to the Dead Sea to create her own, bottling up the restorative waters’ therapeutic salts. This skin-care quality body cream is also filled with naturally analgesic essential oils like mandarin and lemongrass, and features a natural plant-based emulsion system.

Mineralgia is made in the U.S.A., doctor formulated and tested, and FDA compliant.  Besides “tech neck,” it can be used for:

·      Multiple types of acute and chronic pain

·      Sore muscles from working out or prolonged sitting

·      Headaches and migraines (apply to temples)

·      Arthritis

·      Tendinitis

·      Inflammation

·      Pulled muscles, strains and sprains

Editors Note: press releases come in all the time. We got one from this brands P.R. Company. We politely explained. We needed to test anything we were being asked to “plug”. Gotta say this is really a super product. It’s really the best any of us have tried. Not certain if you can purchase out of America. But check out their website • Mineralgia.com