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Is it Better to Choose a Partner Who Compliments You or Compliments Your Game?

Serena and Venus Williams

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By Noah Rubin,

Although the majority of tennis reporters focus on singles, doubles is a unique and complex art within the game of tennis. Doubles matches offer fast-paced, entertaining points and rely on teamwork during critical moments. The Bryan brothers, consisting of Mike and Bob Bryan, were the most dominant and high-profile doubles team on tour. Over 26 seasons, they captured 119 doubles titles that include all four Grand Slams and all nine ATP Masters 1000s events. The Bryan brothers are mirror twins, meaning that Mike is right-handed while Bob is left-handed. Their physical advantage yielded superior court coverage while their celebratory chest bump revealed their unquestionable chemistry.

The Bryan Brothers

On the women’s side, the iconic duo of Serena and Venus Williams remained at the top of the doubles game for nearly two decades. With 14 Grand Slams and three Olympic gold medals, the Williams sisters have an incredible doubles resume despite having different game styles. While Serena is known for her impressive power, Venus combines power and finesse.

Not everyone has a sibling who can serve as a teammate on the court. Thus, there are many considerations when selecting a doubles partner. Many believe athletic compatibility is the most important component of a successful team. Some seek partners with a parallel game style while others partner with players who have an opposite style of play. It is also helpful to pursue a partner who provides emotional harmony, which may offer a mutual sense of trust in competitive situations.

I am left to consider…

Is it better to choose a partner who compliments you or compliments your game?


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