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ATP Forte Challenger 125 • Day 6 • Training Day in Nur-Sultan

By Sven Groeneveld

Today was our training day before the quarterfinals tomorrow. So what do you do in order to pass the day!? This is normal but even more so during the Covid period, you spread the day out so you can enjoy a good sleep in, have a nice light hit and enjoy a good lunch on site. Do some scouting of your next opponent and head back to the hotel and chill before dinner!

Oh but almost forgot we did have PCR tests this morning, our 3rd one since we arrived!

I was also invited to have a session with the national coaches of Kazakhstan to have a Q and A session. Dave Miley the Director of tennis was leading the way and with the help of Timur (national head advisor) who was translating for the coaches.

The schedule came out early and Taro will play 4th match after 11. We will have a warmup hit at 1:30 pm closer to the match time. Again it’s all about saving energy and plan the day properly.

Player Service Desk taking the service to the next level! Never have I been giving personalized water bottles. This was not only done for me but also for the doubles teams and singles players.

I say goodnight from a very colorful Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan, looking forward to day 7 tomorrow!

Sven Groeneveld