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Nur-Sultan • Coach Sven’s Diary from the ATP Challenger • Day 1

After we took the test at 5:10 am and got a chance to chill and get some sleep at the hotel we got our negative result at 14:10 and we had our practice at 15:00. We took the shuttle at 2:45 pm and walked on the court at exactly 15:00! We had a great first day!

The people are so friendly and helpful and the team is built with young students (I assume) that assist us with courts, transport, lunch and court bookings.

Some important Socials for this week!

Facilities are first class! Courts are great, we are at a little bit of altitude at 347 meters elevation. With the dry air the balls move fast through the air but the balls (this week Head balls, fluff up and slow it down a bit).

Tomorrow more updates from

@ktf.kz @atpchallengertour

Sven Groeneveld