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Dubai to Nur-Sultan and the Long Layover • Sven Tennis

Dubai was a very long layover which is due to the fact that less then 20% of flights are still operating. One of the major reasons behind the fact that it’s a real challenge to get from A to B. However it never disappoints to have access to the Emirates Lounge, almost empty and a massive place to hang out for 4 hours before the flight to Nur-Sultan.

A little Kazakstan history because not many people are aware of the capital Nur-Sultan.

On 20 March 2019, the capital was renamed from Astana to its current name Nur-Sultan in honor of the long-ruling Kazakh President Nur-Sultan Nazarbayev, shortly after his resignation.

Nur-Sultan can be read literally as “radiant sultan” in the Kazakh language.

Rookie mistake!!! I had twenty hours to work on my seat. Instead, I was focused on how I would get through 20 hours of layover. So I got stuck with the middle seat. Luckily the trip was only 4 hours!

We arrived at 4:20 am and we were assisted by a young team of people that took us step by step through the entry (visa approvals and more).

After about two hours of customs and driving to the local clinic about 40 min away we realized how cold it really is here in Nur-Sultan.

Waiting in the room with the blue sky’s but when you open the window it’s freezing outside!

Can you feel the cold?? Its only -11 Fahrenheit with a real feel of -32 ahahahah

We will have to wait in our room until we get our results. Room service was delivered and I had to pay it on delivery and luckily they take credit cards!

Sven Groeneveld