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A Wet Day Before The Big Dance, Day 23 with Tennis Coach Sven at the Australian Open

After one week out of the Hard Lockdown, you almost have forgotten the two weeks in Lockdown. The experience is something never to be forgotten and something I hope we will not have to repeat!

This is the day before the big dance and you want things to go smoothly. But when you wake up to this you know you have got to call and make some changes!

So at 8 am I called and had to wait because everybody was calling to change so after 17 minutes and 36 seconds the court was moved to indoors.

When we got to the courts, Taro asked me to go check the courts and maybe we could dry them again! We had court 13 today and when we got to the gym and found that the court was looking like an Olympic Swimming Pool and rain was coming down we abandoned that plan!

I stopped by Craig Tiley’s office to make sure he knows I appreciate all of the effort and work that has gone into all of this year’s tournament!

As a gift, I walked away with a memorable 2021 official program.

We have had a great day and we are ready for tomorrow while my friends and family in Holland are under a white winter wonderland!

Sven Groeneveld