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Tennis Injury Update From Kirsten Flipkens

From Kirsten:

Hi everyone,

I just want to give you all a final update about my injury. I did an MRI and X-ray yesterday. Besides a few strains, some oedema etc I have a partial (grade 2) tear on my ATFL ligament.

I already started rehab with physio here in Abu Dhabi doing treatments, very light range of motions, and aquajogging..

Not the start of the year I had in mind after a great pre season, but I am going to do everything that is in my power to recover as quickly and healthy as possible 🙏

And yes, the goal is Australian Open 🦘
Thanks for all your msgs and i’ll keep you posted 💪

Oh btw, take a look at the advertising board.. “Healthpoint” 🙄 (the hospital I went to afterwards 🙈😅) How ironic….

Click Here To Watch The Video:


Editors Note: Kirsten Flipkens’s injury should not have occurred. When will tennis take down that stupid signage on court? Flip or Flipper both nicknames had the worst tennis injury we ever saw during a match. If it was Rafa or RF or Mr. Bounce, bounce, bounce that backed into and crashed into the umpires square box there would never be another one out on a tennis court.

As Flip said it was ironic the sign was for a hospital they took her too. She is one of the most talented and players beautiful to watch on the WTA tour. She has classic strokes and amazing shotmaking skills.

Her bestie Phebes calls her the “Female Federer.”

We wish you a speedy recovery. (Team 10sBalls)