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Tennis • Bollé Sunglasses Introduces New Court Lens Design For 2020

Introducing the 2020 Tennis Player’s Next Offense:

Bollé Sunglasses with the Phantom Court lens

Specifically engineered to highlight the yellow ball and the tennis court lines
When playing tennis, being able to see the ball clearly at speeds of more than 100 km/h gives a significant advantage to return a service or to prepare your forehand shot, and talented tennis players such as Martina Hingis trusted Bollé in the past to boost their performance during the game. Now meet the latest game changer from Bollé, the Phantom Court lens.
In addition to Phantom standard features,
the Phantom Court lens highlights specifically white and yellow colors while still adapting automatically to light conditions and delivering the clearest vision.

To learn more, contact Lisa Hennessey, Elevator North

What is a Phantom Lens?
Light Adaptive Technology combines 3 advanced technologies that revolutionize how you see your environment:
* A performant photochromic technology adapting automatically to all light conditions
* NXT® construction delivering crystal clear vision, enhancing definition
* High contrast filter enhancing contrasts and boosting colors, improving depth perception
* View the Bollé Phantom lens video here.
Also Available in Prescription
* With Bollé B-Thin active design technology


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