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Boris Becker Confirms He’s Coaching Holger Rune

Denmark’s Holger Rune is working with former world No. 1 Boris Becker. Photo by CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP via Getty Images

Boris Becker is back in coaching.

Hall of Famer Becker confirmed to Eurosport Germany he’s coaching the 20-year-old Rune.

In an interview with Eurosport Germany’s podcast Becker confirmed he will return to tennis coaching Rune beginning next week at the Swiss Indoors Basel.

“I can confirm that I am Holger Rune’s coach,” Becker told Eurosport Germany’s podcast. “It makes me a little proud that he asked me. The contact has existed for a long time. Now it was a very good fit.”

“My calendar allows it and I have always been interested in Holger because he is on the tennis court with so much commitment and temperament,” Becker said. “Holger then invited me to a training week in Monte-Carlo. I also had a long chat there with his mother Aneke and his performance coach Lapo Becherini.

“The three of us are responsible for Holger from now on. Unfortunately, I can’t be at the tournament in Stockholm this week because of previously arranged appointments.”

Former world No. 1 Becker says his mission statement is clear: Stop this slide, stabilize Rune and help the 20-year-old Dane qualify for the year-end ATP Finals in Turin.

“But I will be there in Basel at the latest, and afterwards, I will play Paris-Bercy with Holger and hopefully help him to qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin,” Becker told Eurosport German’s podcast. “That is the big goal and that is the task.”