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Former ATP Tennis Pro Roger Smith Launches Slinger Consulting

Former ATP pro Roger Smith has launched his consulting business: Coach Slinger.

Coach Slinger, which draws its brand name from Smith’s lifelong nickname, carries the mission of helping adolescents to adults identify their athletic purpose, obtain athletic direction, and maximize their ability to achieve their athletic goals.

“As a holistic/life coach, I aim to build mental toughness and character through this process,” Coach Slinger said. 

The Coach Slinger method uses exercises to identify purpose and connects that purpose to physical and mental development. As physical and mental development increases, emotional and spiritual support is embedded throughout to build a clear pathway towards sustainable success! 

“My services are not limited to any tier in particular. Coach Slinger is available to all levels of athletes and high achieving individuals including: adolescents, high school athletes, college athletes, teams, lower and top tier professionals, parents, and coaches,” Coach Slinger said. 

For more information, or to sign up for the latest news, please visit  www.coachslinger.com