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Venus Williams Announces Withdrawl from US Open

Two-time champion Venus Williams announced her withdrawal from the 2021 US Open on social media, due to a persistent leg injury, making this the first time since 2003 neither of the Williams sisters will appear in the tournament.

“Not the best news from Serena and I today. I, too, am unable to play the US Open. It’s super super super disappointing,” Venus said. “Having some issues with my leg all this summer and just couldn’t work through it.”

However, now that Venus has more time on her hands, she urged the world’s “bachelors” to come forward.

“I know I said this year I was undateable at Wimbledon, but I have changed my mind now,” Venus added.

“Now that I have free time, I’m accepting applications from all bachelors above five feet tall, smart but not smarter than me, has a job and doesn’t talk too much.”