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Tennis • 10sBalls Pays Tribute To “Ozzie” • A Poem By Chris Chaffee

Editors note: Ok. You are all saying the editors away so let’s post what we want?… Yup that’s about right. The staff is all in Paris. So we are posting this beautiful tribute to Ozzie. He passed a few days ago and one of our contributors was really feeling the loss. [Chris Chaffee]

We know for traveling tennis players, the hardest things they said goodbye to are usually four legged. Why. Cause they feel like they can’t explain why the bags are packed and by the door again. We know our friends love their furry friends. Delpo, John Isner, Bethanie, Flipper, Michaela.. Look at all the mileage Pierre put in traveling with Novak. So please forgive us from taking a pause from Roland Garros to share this with you.



A Tribute to My Dog, “Ozzie” By: Chris Chaffee


“You will never walk alone because I will always be with you Love, Your Dog”-Anonymous


He entered our lives and changed everything. He gave us total devotion and passion with his soulful eyes and his compassionate heart. Always and forever he will be with us. In our dreams, our minds, and inside our hearts, that is his everlasting home.



Looking out my living room window,

Wondering if this pain will ever let me go,

Tears keep rushing down my face,

Falling like a steady rain,

Beating down the roof Every waking hour,

Aching with hurt from deep in my belly,

Man I wish I could wish it away,

Make it go back from where it came,

Instead I use my sleeve to wipe clean,

But things feel like they will never be the same,

Think I maybe heard you call my name,

Barking words echoing throughout my brain,

I look over there in hopes to see you,

But I know I’m just a blind a old fool,

Laying awake I thought it was all a dream,

When I swear I saw you,

I believe it to be true,

Coming face to face with you,

Our eyes met one last time,

And I knew right then our hearts had become one,

Together we will walk and run,

Riding off into the setting sun,

Take it across to that shooting star off to the horizon,

On the left a rainbow will be a rising,

And yea I am no longer alone,

Finally it’s all clear to me now,

I am so very proud,

That you are there inside me,

Watching above from that heavenly cloud,

Now I listen and can also see,

That two hearts had become one,

I get up and smile,

Look outside at my window,

Touching my heart I have found,

Vowing to always remember how,

We will be forever,

Side by side In the sands of time,

Embraced with a Hand and Paw,

Is a boy and his beautiful doggy

A miracle of grace,

Came to us with four legs

He brought us hope,

Reached within and touched our very souls,

His paw prints left permanent marks,

Embedded forever in our hearts,

Even if we can’t see you,

We know you aren’t far,

You will be there,

Filling every ounce of our thoughts,

And we will never drift apart,

I miss your face,

The way your head would tilt,

The wagging of your tale,

Your comforting essence,

Is what I will always be holding onto and never letting go,

I can tell stories of so many cherished memories,

Legends and Tales of how a chocolate lab brought so much glory ,

But the greatest gift of all,

Was his triumph of love,

Echoing in our hearts ,

So much within him to give us,

Remaining with us throughout eternity in this world

We love you, Ozzie

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