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New York • Taste of Tennis Party • August 22, 2024 • Buy Tickets Now Before It Sells Out

The team here at 10sBalls / TennisBalls  loves the Citi Taste of Tennis.

We’ve always attended en masse. It’s easier than us planning our own party.

So we have our party within their party.

The venues are always great. The food is always GREAT.

Now, Citi Taste of Tennis has a great offer.

In celebration of National Tennis Month, Citi Taste of Tennis launches the Citi Taste of Tennis Gift box when you buy a ticket for Citi Taste of Tennis.

The gift box includes:
A Premium Chefworks Apron
A Dri-Fit Nike Hat
A Luxury Pashmina

This special offer ends at the conclusion of the French Open so get your tickets before it’s too late!

Event tickets can be found on tasteoftennis.com.

You know the US Open tennis starts with so much flair and fun. Buy your tickets now and get this great offer.