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The King of Switzerland: Roger Federer Tribute Poem

Poet Christopher Chaffee pays tribute to Roger Federer. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL EDITORIAL USE ONLY

By Christopher Chaffee

The King of Switzerland 

It is said that before a prince 
Became a king 
He had to first learn how to truly become the one 
That all began with a journey at a ripe young age 
And a choice he made 
To be unique with his gift 
He had to work hard at it 
Giving focus in the process of the effort 
Rather than keeping attention in perfection 
Although, his goals were far and tall 
And he maybe felt like a down and outter 
Every once in a while 
But there was more meaning behind the grasp for the gold 
Fought in the hopes for an inspiring glory 

He gained a unique perspective 
With every match won 
And felt the hurt in the losses 
Destiny pulled and pushed him to new soaring heights 
Far beyond what could ever be imagined 
Like a God with a dominant right hand
Sent below from the sky 
Blessing the racket arm 
Of the Swiss from Switzerland
Transformed him then to a well known master 

He’s ordinary, but yet extraordinary 
Turning the impossible into possible 
Seeking clarity is the sorcerer’s trait 
The magician chases dreams further on the road 
Forward to the fate of greatness 
Roger runs towards the sun 
Flying Federer touches the stars 
Powerful, dominating, and sleek 
Like a diesel engine train
His aura attracts an integrity
The way he dances 
And glides effortlessly is a sight 
The effect of his integrity 
Flourishes in a flair 
Categorized by a class of humility
That has never been seen or be repeated 
In years to come 

Blowing the mind
And capturing the heart
While thrilling the eyes
He’s noble in each and every breathe
Burning bright as a flame
Shining proud as the essence of his character
About to come alive

Roger Federer is silent and still
Caught frozen in a moment
He’s demeanor
Is humble and also confident
His presence
Calm, cool, and collected
Embracing an honor
By the swings he takes
Changing the game
In every record he breaks
History is made
In a red headband bandana
And a white shirt collar
Quick as the breeze on the Wimbledon grass
Singing a song only heard in a champion’s wind

The talent maybe seemed to be easy
But to do anything with ease
You must first believe
Then it will forever last
From now and forever
Until eternity
Roger you are missed
But never forgotten
For all that you did
The achievements and feats conquered
And what you strive to continue to do
Your footprints left imprints on the game
And more importantly though of who you are
Hits like an profound echo
Not just heard
But felt like the influence of an impact
Gripped with a mighty pro staff strung sword

Chris Chaffee Is A Guest Writer with an impressive tennis record. He’s written for us in the past and has more poems coming. Here’s his bio: 
Chris  Chaffee played tennis at Fryeburg Academy from 1999 – 2003 and was ranked alternately #1 and #2 in singles.  He was named MVP all 4 years and was  named All Conference Player for 3 consecutive years. He was ranked #1 Boys 18 and under player in the state of Maine in 2002. Chris went on to play tennis at the University of Southern Maine and won his singles flights in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  He was named LEC player of the week in 2004 and 2006.  He also contributed to USM winning the Little East Conference Titles in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Chris was the Head Tennis Pro at the Cranmore Fitness Center and Tennis Director at  Jackson Tennis Club. For 13 years Chris coached the Fryeburg Academy Varsity Girls tennis team and has been a tennis pro for the New England tennis holidays. He continues to play competitive tennis and hopes to inspire others with his drive and passion for the game. He is a USPTA certified pro who helps run a USTA development program called Advantage Kids Youth Tennis in the Mount Washington Valley