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Tennis Legend Poem • Curaidh (Hero, Champion, Warrior): Andy Murray

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray of Great Britain. Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

By Christopher Chaffee

The past becomes a memory
And lessons are meant to be experienced
Teaching us that we can learn from them  
There is no regret after
Even if they can cause grief and pain
Loses create winners
And molds champions
Champions feel what is found within their hearts
The same dust shapes and forms the stars  
And the very essence they are
Is the type Andy Murray possess
Something remarkable was discovered inside  
Andy’s soul was born to glow
And his spirit was meant to shine
In every effort towards each pursuit
There is a caring action
And it is called love

Andy embraces and embarks onto the next challenge he sees
Ready for whatever it may bring
It’s been a long journey so far
Some were hard, others were sad
But he leaves us in a wonder
Completely captivated and amazed
On what is to be

Andy Murray’s shadow appears in the sunlight
The outline of his silhouette
Is casted by part of the shade
See the fight in his eyes
And the strategic finesse behind each strike
The way he runs with speed
It almost seems to me
He has figured the secret in flying fast
But the greatest
Is in the ability to outlast 
Andy’s strength lies within himself
Determined by his sheer will
And the strong focus of the mind
On what he truly wants

The future is bright
The bar is set high
Perfection is impossible
But progress is reachable
In this very present moment
A remarkable thing is to be witnessed
Of an extraordinary accomplishment
An inspiring person seen as
Andy Murray is withstanding
Enduring with a fearlessness
That’s courageous and brave
Andy’s heroic in whatever he does
His true test of character is revealed
In every trial and tribulation faced
Like the hope that comes
Just after the storm
Is the artistry of Andy
The mastery of Murray

Chris Chaffee Is A Guest Writer with an impressive tennis record. He’s written for us in the past and has more poems coming. Here’s his bio: 
Chris  Chaffee played tennis at Fryeburg Academy from 1999 – 2003 and was ranked alternately #1 and #2 in singles.  He was named MVP all 4 years and was  named All Conference Player for 3 consecutive years. He was ranked #1 Boys 18 and under player in the state of Maine in 2002. Chris went on to play tennis at the University of Southern Maine and won his singles flights in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  He was named LEC player of the week in 2004 and 2006.  He also contributed to USM winning the Little East Conference Titles in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Chris was the Head Tennis Pro at the Cranmore Fitness Center and Tennis Director at  Jackson Tennis Club. For 13 years Chris coached the Fryeburg Academy Varsity Girls tennis team and has been a tennis pro for the New England tennis holidays. He continues to play competitive tennis and hopes to inspire others with his drive and passion for the game. He is a USPTA certified pro who helps run a USTA development program called Advantage Kids Youth Tennis in the Mount Washington Valley