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Esteemed Writer Richard Evans Nominated for International Tennis Hall of Fame

Richard Evans interviews Billie Jean King. Photo credit: International Tennis Hall of Fame

Richard Evans has devoted his life to tennis.

Now, the esteemed writer is up for the honor of a lifetime: nomination for the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Evans and Vijay Amritraj of India are Hall of Fame candidates for the Class of 2024 in the Contributor Category.

The Contributor Category is considered every two years, and it recognizes true pioneers, visionary leaders, or individuals/groups who have made a transcendent impact on the sport.

Vijay Amritraj has broken barriers and worked to spread the sport of tennis on and off the court. As a player in the 1970s and 1980s, his success on court helped to popularize tennis in India and on the Asian continent. Amritraj is a respected global ambassador for the sport.

Richard Evans is a renowned tennis journalist and historian, he has spent a lifetime contributing to the sport’s growth and global reach. During his career, he has reported on over 200 Grand Slams and authored 23 books. Richard Evans served as lead writer for two of the most respected American publications, World Tennis and Tennis Week. Evans later served as editor-at-large for Tennis Week Magazine.

Photo credit: International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Richard Evans has also worked for the ATP for many years, helping promote and popularize the sport globally, and has served as a 10sballs.com contributor.

Here’s hoping Richard Evans, one of the most accomplished and respected writers of this generation, is voted into the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2024.