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US Open Tennis Fans Furious @ Spectrum

Photo credit: Darren Carroll/USTA/US Open

Well the 2023 US Open has been a totally amazing and successful event.

But, there was something bigger brewing that blacked out coverage for millions of devoted tennis fans: A TV dispute.

That would  be SPECTRUM cable television. And the ESPN network and Disney channels and some football…

So mid match the first Thursday ESPN  went dark. And still two weekends later of no US Open and the US Open women’s final just ended and still no resolution has been made.

Shame on Spectrum/ rectum … we’ve seen disputes before but usually screen shots appear 30 odd days out warning of the block out. But to just stop… 

Oh it was cruel and another clear sign that our sport and our fans continue to be disrespected by corporate media powers.

This US Open blackout caused so much feedback to our website. The most in 13 years. There’s so many Spectrum customers that are furious.

Maybe during a Spectrum zoom call it must have seemed like a good idea at the time?

Huh. Spectrum you had people going to pirate feeds. And then software that made their computers think they were in foreign countries. Then they got that counties tennis feed. One 94-year-old tennis fan had her whole two weeks cleared of all lunches , appointments cancelled • to be on a tennis staycation. She finally got YouTube set up from her 12-year-old neighbor today .

So in 10 days of no live tennis she finally got the last set of the ladies finals. She loved it.

Yay Coco. And tomorrow she’ll get to see the men’s finals.
But it was really unfair and bad customer service move. Direct tv (any dish) looks better by the moment.