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Tennis Star Gorgeous Gussie Moran’s 100th Heavenly Birthday

Gorgeous Gussie Moran from Life Magazine photo shoot. Photo credit: Life

 Remembering the remarkable Gussy | Gussie Moran on her special day. (Yes it was spelled both ways and her name was tied to “All Gussied Up” which became popular 1950).

A true tennis trailblazer and fashion icon, her bold choices on and off the court continue to inspire. As we celebrate her remembrance birthday, let’s honor her unique spirit and the impact she made.

Happy birthday, Dear Tennis Goddess. 100 years. (You almost made it.) 

Gussie Moran, whose full name was Gertrude Augusta Moran, she was born in Santa Monica California. Her family home still stands on Ocean Avenue.  

Gussie gained significant attention for her fashion choices, including wearing a short tennis skirt and lace-trimmed panties at Wimbledon in 1949, which was considered scandalous at the time. Both she and Teddy Tinling had corresponded but hadn’t met. They both suffered thru the reaction and instant sensation …

Gussy could really play. But her beauty got the attention. Her gorgeous legs. 

So sadly  her on-court achievements weren’t as prominent as her fashion choices, Moran did have a short career and turned “Pro” which was really a tough tour.

Despite not achieving major championship wins, her unique style and personality left a lasting impact on the tennis and fashion worlds. 

Beyond her tennis career, Gussie Moran’s bold fashion choices helped shape the evolution of women’s tennis attire, influencing how players expressed themselves through their clothing. Gussy passed away on January 16, 2013.

Editors Note • If Gussy was alive we’d had celebrated  in Hollywood at Musso & Franks restaurant at the first table on left. She sat there so many times with Bill Tilden. With Charlie Chaplin. Sydney Chaplin. Art Anderson. Me. With everyone. She loved their martinis. Their bacon. Their baked potato. The pot pie. Their shrimp cocktail. I’ll stop there. But all I can say is she lived a beautiful life. It had its ups and downs. But like a tennis ball she always bounced back. (LJ)