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Tennis News • KT TAPE Launches First Mobile App

KT Tape, the nation’s leading kinesiology tape brand, today launched its first mobile app providing users with easy-to-follow instructions about how, when and why to use KT kinesiology tape. 

 “Millions of active Americans count on KT’s kinesiology tape • This app is simple to use and should empower current and future customers to know when to apply our game-changing products and tape like a pro.”

Making its debut on the App Store and Play Store in July, users can now access educational and application videos, conveniently purchase products, and customize their profiles, all for free.

Designed to empower users with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective self-taping, the app features an interactive interface with unique and intuitive body visualization concepts. Users can effortlessly navigate their personalized needs and preferences through a user-friendly body (Tapeman/Tapewoman) representation, enabling them to pinpoint specific areas of their body.  

One of the app’s key features is its step-by-step guided videos, which are thoughtfully broken down into easily digestible segments, allowing users to follow along with the instruction videos without the need for pausing or replaying. The app eliminates the struggles often associated with taping oneself, enabling users to confidently apply kinesiology tape without assistance.To learn more about KT and download the app, visit www.kttape.com and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Editors Note • we’ve been using the tape since forever •  It’s totally amazing  it’s only problem sometime like shoulder was how  do we tape  ? Problem solved. The new APP.  The knee changed over time as it got better  • we love this KT tape  we healed  but still wear it on a busy day with lots of lifting or twisting  can’t wait for app  used utube prior …(LJ)