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Tennis Champion Jimmy Connors Wants To See Vitas Gerulaitis in Hall of Fame

Both Jimmy Connors and his son Brett Connors had great friendships with Vitas Gerulaitis. Add John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Steve Geller, Gene Scott, Pete Sampras and the list goes on forever.

Then add anyone else who ever met Vitas or saw him play. What was the “Vitas magic”? Was it the BIG smile? The style he had in clothes – we loved his 3 piece, Studio 54 suits. The flash?  The glowing blond hair on his head? 
Those legs…(loved to see him in short shorts) nobody rocked them like he did.

Vitas had a great backhand. Amazing charm with wit and kindness! Vitas had good jokes and a sense of humor! His wonderful refreshing personality! What was it that everyone liked? 

Vitas had a great career –  we’ve listed below. He loved to dance and party the night away. He was just 21, maybe younger when he was driving his Rolls Royce around Manhattan.

Vitas Gerulaitis, was born on July 26, 1954, in Brooklyn, New York, he was an American tennis prodigy who had a great professional career in the 1970s and early 1980s. He displayed remarkable talent from a young age and quickly made a name for himself in the tennis world. Vitas won 24 career ATP singles titles, and the Australian Open in 1977, cementing his status as a Slam champion. Additionally, he reached the semifinals of both the US Open and Wimbledon 

Vitas was known for his sportsmanship and charismatic personality. He was admired for his positive attitude, affable demeanor, and friendly interactions with fans and fellow players. His presence on and off the court added a special charm to the game and left a lasting impact on the world. Vitas was a “household” name. 

Vitas was an influential figure who contributed significantly to the growth and popularization of tennis. He and John McEnroe had kids clinics in the streets of New York.  He inspired generations of aspiring players through his dynamic playing style and approachable nature.

Is his memory being forgotten? It can’t be! Everyone please speak up!  Let’s get him the FAME he deserves!

Vitas was a tennis GOD!

If he were around now, at almost 70, he’d have more social media followers than anyone. His smile and energy was contagious His contributions to the sport have left a lasting legacy that continues to resonate with tennis enthusiasts worldwide.  

Thanks Jimmy and Brett for starting this movement!