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Tennis Players Pick Pickleball • Sam Querry, Jack Sock, Donald Young • Is Isner Next?

More pro tennis players are picking up pickleball.

ESPN scored solid ratings for its April pickleball exhibition starring Andre Agassi, Michael Chang, John McEnroe and Andy Roddick.

Agassi and his wife, Steffi Graff, are scheduled to face John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova in an upcoming pickleball showdown which should draw a lot of attention too.

Our Dear Buddy Jan-Michael Gambill is from Spokane, Washington. Jan-Michael has been playing pickle since its inception over 20 years ago. Awesome opportunities for him. Player. Commentator. Coach. All hats he has worn in tennis.

Below are photos of some guys who tried the ATP tour like Martin and Rob whose dad is Tennis Channel founder Steve Bellamy. His mother Beth Herr has become a Top ranked pickler …

We saw this movement coming about 5? years ago. (ask Lauren@FILA)

It’s a good activity. It has its injuries. Early ones were the eyes and gums. And then came sore wrists elbows. Shoulders. Achilles. Knees. (Carling Bassett is currently recovering from a pickle knee surgery. )

But the groups are sadly all messed up. The leagues have leagues … they  have growing pains. But it’s going to keep growing.

Sam Querrey recently wrote on social media how he had to shower in a truck stop for $18 to get on a plane cleaned up. No on-site showers or towels or, you know, locker room stuff.

We are thrilled to see Donald Young Jr. (DY) playing. He is perfect for the game. He is fast and has already shown results with the world’s best. He is equally as good lefty if righty. Max Mirnyi could do that too.

Overheard at the 2023 US Open was Jack Sock playing in his last Open . He roughly said He can play 15 weekends a year in America and earn what he’s has earned in tennis.

Tennis can be a lonely life and includes global traveling, endless hours in planes, airports, hotel rooms. It’s a tough life being a tennis player if you’re not part of the big 3/4/5 /6. Top 10 maybe. But back way back in the day in tennis if you weren’t No. 1 you were … just the competition