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Tennis Coach Louise Pleming brings her “RALLY4EVER” Clinic To The Bronx on Saturday at Noon

Louise Pleming’s RALLY4EVER clinic comes to the Bronx on Saturday. Photo credit: Mayleen Ramey

Rally4EVER is coming to the Bronx on Saturday.

Head coach Louise Pleming will lead a Rally4EVER clinic in the Bronx at noon this Saturday, August 26th two days before the start of the US Open at the Butler Community Center located at 26 Bruckner Boulevard #5th, in the Bronx, N.Y.

The clinic will be conducted with Directions For Our Youth, a non-profit youth development organization that provides programming in underserved areas of NYC for young people enrolled in grades K-12.

“Thank you to @tennismnggroup @wta @10sballs_com and The Goldie-Morrison Foundation for all your support and donations to make this program possible,” Founder Louise Pleming posted on Instagram. “Hopefully we reach many of the 2000 youth in this program from the Bronx over the next year.”

Rally4EVER has aided Australia’s homeless, disadvantaged and at-risk communities using tennis to help form relationships, create a positive support network and connect players to mental and physical health aid.

Founder Louise Pleming partnered with Emma Wells Tennis to host a pilot program at Wimbledon Park in July of 2022. The pilot program was held on Monday, July 11th–the day after the Wimbledon men’s final.

Now, the program comes to the Bronx this weekend.